Goodthrift Clothing Recycling Fundraiser: Cash for Clothing .

Clothing Drive Fundraisers | Recycle Used Clothing Fundraiser!

Goodthrift is the easiest fundraiser for any group or cause, be it a PTA, PTO, school, Scout Troop, booster club, sports team, cheer squad, 4-H, club, church or organization. We are committed to helping groups raise funds in a way that is Earth-friendly, yet highly profotable, and best of all, at no cost to them. Basically, we help organize used clothing drives by the students or members, and give the school or organization a check based on the final weight of the collected clothes. In order to keep our service free, we do have a minimum pound/bag requirement depending on your location. 
Please contact us for details! It's simple and rewarding! Learn how it works!